Who Are We?

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BrasilXport: Signed Modern Paintings for Decoration

We are a multinational  with branches in Europe and Latin-America with the following Vision, Mission and Values:

VISION: We believe there are consumers in Europe and the USA that prefer Quality Original Signed Paintings (instead of factory made paintings) to decorate their homes and offices but unfortunately  they cannot afford to buy this paintings as they are usually sold in art galleries at high prices.

MISSION: To provide with  Original Signed Modern Art Paintings at decoration prices to homes and offices in Europe and the USA by using long term partnerships with Distributors and Decorators.

VALUES: We respect who are different, but prefer to partner with parties that share our values.

Transparency. We say what we think to every party: employees, partners, distributors, clients, providers... We only promise what we know we can accomplish and we always accomplish what we promise.

Continuous Improving. We know we are far from perfect and for this reason we work everyday to improve. In practice we work to understand better our clients, employees and providers to over perform their expectations; improve our strategy and processes, find new market niches...

Long Term. We are looking for long term relations with employees, partners, distributors, clients and providers, and we expect the same from them. For this reason we reject asymmetric relations in which only one party is benefited.

Time. We respect your time and we expect the same respect from you. For this reason we do the impossible to accomplish what we promise and we partner with providers, distributors and employees that: a) accomplish the expectations they generate and b) do over-the-mean efforts to help us accomplish our common goals in the least time possible.

Profitability. We offer our products and services in niches where we add considerable value and we reinvest this value to solidly grow.

BrasilXport Samples Clients Who Are We? Contact